Social Media Platforms Update Across the Board

Facebook Hashtags & Insights 

Facebook began introducing hashtags for its social network on June 12th. These phrases are now clickable, collecting likeminded data from other individual users as well as organizations (re: Pages) all under one searchable theme. Searchable meaning they  can be found using the search bar according to Facebook’s Greg Lindley. Any interlinked material in posts between social media platforms (e.g. Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to Facebook) is also indexed and usable. Lindley states that the company will release more hashtag-related features in the future including trending items and analytics.

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The company is slowly rolling out changes to its Insights analytics interface with further dissection of certain engagement metrics. According to TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha, the rejuvenated Insights package will drill down on the popular “People Talking About This” figure to show a breakdown of an audience’s different actions. In other words, users will now be able to differentiate the amounts of Likes, Comments, Shares, and Clicks their Pages have received within a certain time frame.

At the individual post level, the updated Insights will display aggregated Reach as well as Story-creating stats such as Likes, Comments, and Shares. In addition, each highlight individual post contains “Consumption” data: Photo Views, Link Clicks, and Other Clicks. Negative Feedback data sits at the bottom of each post’s analysis and shows the total amounts of Hidden Posts, Hide All Posts, Spam Reports, and Page Unlikes.

New Features and a Redesigned UI for Vine

Just ahead of the launch of video on Instagram, Vine founders tease new category features and a redesigned UI with drafts.

Everything that has been released so far about the upcoming update has been cryptic but from what we can tell users may finally be able to create and save Vine drafts before sharing them with their followers. This would allow users to start a Vine, save it as a draft and create other Vines in the meantime.

There also appears to be a redesign of the video stream, where the camera button moves to the bottom center of the screen and remains in place as you slide down the video stream. Vines will then pass down the stream one after another with no breaks for likes or comments. It seems as though in order to comment, like or read comments users will have to click into a particular Vine to do so.

Potential category additions are also coming to the app. Right now, the app includes automatically created categories based on popular hashtags but it looks like that exploration feature may be expanded to include topics like comedy, art, fashion etc. There’s no word yet on when the updates might be available to users.

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Instagram takes on Vine with the launch of a video feature

Video on Instagram is now available to the world

What is Instagram?

  • 2 ½ years old
  • 16 billion photos shared
  • 1 billion likes everyday
  • 130 million people use Instagram every month

Instagram is a tool to remember and capture moments forever. It’s a way to stay connected with the world and to be inspired by the boundaries we thought existed but don’t. And it’s a tool to capture and share the world’s moments

What’s Next?

Video on Instagram Focuses on

  • Simplicity
  • Beauty
  • Community

What’s video on Instagram look like?

  • 15 seconds of video shot at one time
  • Get rid of any clip – edit
  • 13 new custom video filters different from photo filters
  • Select a cover frame of the video
  • For iOS and Android from day one
  • Video is also available on the web
  • Cinematic stabilization for your videos called cinema
  • And there is sound

Download the update now and start capturing the greatness of the world.

(Source: Live stream announcement from Instagram at the Facebook Event at 10am Pacific/ 1PM Eastern)

Say hello to the Foursquare Time Machine

If you’re an active Foursquare user, then you probably have a detailed log on the places you’ve been to and when you were there on your account. This week Foursquare unveiled a new tool to their users called the Foursquare Time Machine. This tool lets you re-live each and everyone of your check-ins, and have your own beautiful visualization to share with your friends. The time machine is a data visualization tool that turns your check in data into an interactive infographic.

It’s not just a pretty graphic either; you can zoom through time and space as to visualize all your check-ins and also discover all the places you should head to next. And of course being a social network it includes options for users to easily share their individual graphics with their networks.


















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Twitter Analytics

Timeline Interaction Metrics

Twitter rolled out a rudimentary Analytics interface last week to its userbase. The Timeline portion covers basic metrics including Faves, Retweets, and Replies at the individual tweet level. Viewers can also see general data (in 6 hour increments) of account activity – follows and unfollows in addition to mentions.

csvUsers have the option to download a .CSV or .XLS file containing recent aggregated tweet data. The maximum range of time currently available consolidates data from the past 90 days. Other options include the last month (30 days), the last week (7 days), the last 24 hours (yesterday), and today.

Best Performing Tweets

One excellent feature allows users to see some of their best performing tweets. The default browsing setting, “all,” is reverse chronological starting with your latest publication. Selecting “good” or “best” takes the viewer to selected tweets that performed strongly factoring in the amount of clicks, faves, amplified reach, retweets, and replies.






The amount of clicks represents the total clicks on a post including yours. The figure listed does not mean the total amount emanating from your publication.   




Reach is amplified when other users retweet your message. This metric is calculated in comparison to all of the other items you’ve published in the last month.



Highlighted Figures

Certain numbers may be highlighted to indicate higher performance compared to your tweets of the last 30 days. Currently, the cut off mark stands at the top 15% percentile regarding certain categories like favorites, retweets, and replies.


Follower Metrics



The first item a user sees will be a line graph that gauges the lifetime trajectory of total followers. Twitter also segments follower data based on their top 5 “most unique interests.” This data may be pulled from a variety of sources including published tweets and keyword-optimized header descriptions. In addition, viewers will be able to see the top 10 overall interests of their following as well as a breakdown of geographic information (metro area, state, country) and gender. On top of that, the top 10 most commonly followed accounts among your current followers are also listed. 










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